humanics elements

At HUMANICS, we also provide workshops in the science of sport which incorporate education, skilling and training. The aim is to increase awareness about how sports, science and nutrition can be integrated for an overall sense of well-being of an athlete. These workshops can be beneficial to students, coaches and parents, at both, the school and the university level. These workshops are also extremely beneficial for corporates.

All workshops are created and delivered by Sport Scientist, Karishma Boolani. Workshops are based on 3 broad topics:

human high performance

  • Science of Sport 101
  • Human High Performance
  • Long Term Athlete Development
  • The Science of Fitness Testing

sports nutrition

  • The Ketogenic Lifestyle
  • The Low Carb Athlete
  • Nutrition for Cricket
  • Fat Loss Nutrition

neuroscience and psychology

  • The Pillars of Health
  • The Mind of a Champion
  • Mindfulness
  • Anxiety Management

*Each of these modules are explained over interactive 2- hour sessions.